Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Key Management

A public key infrastructure (PKI) includes systems, software, and communication protocols that distribute, manage, and control public-key cryptography. A PKI publishes digital certificates. Because a PKI establishes trust within an environment, a PKI can certify that a public key is tied to an entity and verify that a public key is valid. Public keys are published through digital certificates.

In this section, we discuss key PKI components as well as a few other PKI concepts.

PKI - Certificate
PKI – Certificate

Certificate Lifecycle

Security professionals should understand the certificate life cycle. Refer to below figure for complete lifecycle.

Certificate Life-cycle
Certificate Life-cycle

PKI Steps

So, How does a User/Client request for a Digital Certificate in reality?
If once it receive this certificate; How does it interact with the other entities?
Refer to below figure to get a Clear understanding of these questions!

PKI Steps
PKI Steps

Key Management

A discussion of cryptography would be incomplete without coverage of key management practices.

Key Management Practices
Key Management Practices

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