Asymmetric Key Algorithm and Hybrid Cipher

Asymmetric algorithms use both a public key and a private or secret key. The public key is known by all parties, and the private key is known only by its owner. One of these keys encrypts the message, and the other decrypts the message.

In asymmetric cryptography, It is impossible to determine a user’s private key even though the public key is known.

Asymmetric algorithms can be also be referred to as dual-key or public-key cryptography.

Asymmetric algorithms include Diffie-Hellman, RSA, El Gamal, ECC. All of these algorithms will be discussed later in the figure.

Public-Key Cryptography

Public-key Cryptography

Hybrid Cipher

Since, both symmetric and asymmetric algorithms have weaknesses, solutions have been developed that use both types of algorithms in a hybrid cipher.

Hybrid Cipher
Hybrid Cipher

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