Value Proposition of Cisco DNA … Part 2 … Business View

Hello Everyone! It is in continuation of my previous blog in Cisco DNA series. Here, we will look at how Cisco DNA maps and implement the Business values as discussed at an earlier blog.

Refer to below picture for a complete summary.

Cost Reduction through ASICs

Cisco has evolved their product via leveraging Custom-engineering programmable and flexible hardware application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) which will double the average lifespan of devices with their fixed ASICs counterparts thus reducing CapEx.

Cost Reduction via Automation

Concerning OpEx; Automation plays a pivotal role in reducing the following cost

1) Faster Day – 0 deployment
2) Reduction in time it takes to Configure Network devices
3) Reduction in Troubleshooting time
4) Automatic implementation of time-intensive projects such as End to end QoS deployment
5) Automation of bootstrapping and configurations.
6) Automation of Licensing and Authentication

Risk Mitigation with Integrated Security Module

Analytics capabilities allow security tools to establish baselines for a standard security environment and provide automated alerting and, in some cases, remediation when the network security environment shows an anomaly. This use of the network as a security sensor can reduce mean time to repair (MTTR), preventing disruption to the business.

Meaningful Insights with Analytics

With the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; Cisco DNA lays the foundation of Auto-Remediation thus a self-healing network.

Network analytics goes beyond – detecting security anomalies to identify customer pattern to achieve Customer experience.

Agility through OPEN API

As discussed previously; Refer to below picture – It explains how does Cisco DNA add value at each layer to deliver business agility.

At Infrastructure Layer – Cisco DNA can detect network failures/threats much faster than any of the previous solution. It can also re-mediate & quarantine policies to the network infrastructure in real time.

At Application Layer – It can be integrated with Business Application to provide network resources on Demand.

At operating layer – It can also integrate with non-network nodes such as a digital display, Lightning, AC resulting in Better experiences, improved efficiency and driving more business opportunity. Also, It reduces significant time & money in network operations & troubleshooting. Thus, It will give more time to your employees to innovate and work on other projects.

At Business layer – It enables business transformation; now businesses can identify and capitalise on new opportunities, markets, and business models to provide their leaders with organisational insights such as.

  • Where are employees working?
  • How long are they in meetings?
  • How much time do employees get to spend with their managers?
  • Do employees work in teams or silos?
  • Which teams work well together? Which don’t?

There are other benefits which Cisco DNA brings in along with the above mentioned

  • Error-free service deployment (Because configuration are done in Automated fashion rather than manually)
  • Consistent network operation across different segment (i.e. Routers, Switches, Access Points, Wireless LAN Controller)
  • Detailed reporting in case of failure 
  • Flexibility in terms of Scale & variety of, i.e. every day’s new clients are getting onboard to the network irrespective of how they connect.  Thus, Flexibility is also required from the Networks to support a variety of network and business applications that are increasingly dynamic.

In 2017, Cisco worked with International Data Corporation (IDC) to develop a five-state Digital Network Readiness Model, as shown in the figure.

Cisco Digital Network Readiness Model (Source:

In the next blog of this series; we will do a deep dive on Cisco DNA architecture on technical front. Till then, please stay tuned.

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