Business Continuity Planning

In the first part of this post; we will try to answer some of the fundamental questions asked on “What is BCP? Why it is needed?” :- Refer to the below image which helps to understand BCP.

The overall goal of BCP is to provide an adequate response in the event of an emergency. Therefore BCP Process has four main steps as mentioned in below mindmap.

Documentation is a critical step in the business continuity planning process. In the above picture, some of the crucial components of the written business continuity plan are listed.

Later in further blogs; we will discuss developing and implementing a disaster recovery plan that includes Technical control required to keep business up and running.

5 thoughts on “Business Continuity Planning

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  2. Hey Gaurav,
    Thanks for the amazing work you doing by making these wonderful mindmaps and above all sharing it with all. All your creations are very helpful especially I found this BCP mindmap to be very helpful.
    Thanks once again.

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