On to my Next Journey … CISSP

Having started my career with Cisco primarily on Cisco Security & Wireless Technologies such as Wi-Fi, LoRA, 6lowpan, ACS, ISE, NAC, ASA; I completed my CCIE Wireless in 2014 looked for some challenges… Having mastered that i’ve decided to study for my next Journey i.e. CISSP. My target is to achieve this by early 2020 , preferably by Q1 2020. In wireless I had got an opportunity to Architect, Design, Implement, Test complex Wireless Networks with Multiple verticals such as Enterprise, Manufacturing,  Stadiums, Healthcare etc. I also had the opportunity to go through CCNA -> CCNP -> CCIE with lots of hands on job experience.

This makes it is a real challenge for me and looking forward to face it.

After doing lot of research on the internet, I realized there are very good books available which cover good amount of Theory portion of it But it is going to be challenging to understand CISSP concepts via Case Study & Real-world scenarios to help me on my way.  Therefore started this blog primarily to assist me on this difficult journey and also to help others wishing to walk down the same track.

Please feel free to contribute with your thoughts, understanding & feedback.

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